Vinyl Interactive is a digital marketing firm specializing in consumer and student lead acquisition solutions. We have built a full suite of customizable products and technologies that give our partners greater control over who, where, and when they want to target. We also utilize a diverse mix of marketing channels and bring over 10 years worth of experience in media buying and direct marketing.


Data Partnerships

Have a quality source of traffic and looking for new ways to monetize your existing user base? We have various options for data partners to work with and are always looking for new high quality partners to test with with.

Online Lead Solutions

From the beginning, connecting the right users with the right partners online has been the core of our business. With an advanced and flexible platform 10 years in the making, partners can expect to scale quickly and effectively.


Step 1. Onboarding

It is always important to get off to a good start.  We ask new partners to provide us with as much information as possible before starting a test campaign.  At a minimum we would like to receive an ideal user profile (characteristics of users that perform).  Best case scenario is if new partners can provide historical characteristic data of individuals who perform well and of those who don't perform well.  

Step 2. Testing

During the testing phase, our goal is to accomplish three things:

(1) Execute an initial broader traffic campaign in order determine effectiveness of various traffic channels

(2) Determine scalability and overall campaign quality

(3) Determine proper CPL pricing based on conversion goals of viable profitability.

Step 3. Optimization

Every partner will be assigned a data analyst to monitor and optimize their campaign(s).  We ask that our partners provide quality / conversion data as often as possible so we can make quicker and better decisions. The focus here is to ensure quality metrics are consistent before scaling up.     

Step 4. Scaling Up

Here comes the fun part.  Once we are confident with our optimizations, we will ramp up the campaign(s) and increase lead deliverability.  At this point, scale will only be limited by (1) our internal limits based on established quality metrics and (2) how much scale our partner wants.

Step 5. Continual Refinement

We'll always strive to continually make improvements to individual campaigns.  Our team is always on the lookout for new methods and technologies to better serve the needs of our partners.  We are looking to build lasting relationships and will do everything we can to keep our partners happy.   


Allan Buehler

Director, Affiliate Account Management
Working with Vinyl has been an absolute pleasure in an industry where it is at times difficult to find partners you can consistently rely on. Their talented team has been an essential part of our own scale and growth. We hope to expand our partnership with Vinyl in the near future and continue our successes!

Claire Foster

Director of Strategic Communications
Vinyl Interactive is a valuable strategic partner. Innovative optimization strategies and support services distinguish Vinyl Interactive as a leader in digital media.

Alina Jiwani

Head of Marketing
Vinyl has been a solid partner of ours over the past 4 years. Their team has not only proven to be trustworthy and reliable but are made up of great individuals that we really enjoy working and communicating with. A+ partner that we hope to continue to grow with!

Michael Girard

Fmr. Senior Director of Business Development
Transparency. Clarity. These are the words that come to mind when I think of Vinyl Interactive. They've invested their time and attention to make sure everything is clear and coherent for us and are one of the easiest partners to work with in the lead generation space. They have also built an impressive multi-channel traffic acquisition platform that we've found success utilizing. Overall great partner and a team that I would definitely recommend working with.


"Our mission is to help you grow in a thoughtful and meaningful manner. Vinyl’s aim is to find the best match for both our users and our partners. We have invested heavily on our data prowess and our ability to identify and act on key data points and user characteristics. Our predictive models and algorithms have a proven history of successfully bringing together the right partner to the right user. We hope that you'll give us the opportunity to show you the exciting things we can do together."

- Rob Poynter, CEO | Founder



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