September 13, 1948:  Rollie Free sets new performance records
wearing his speedo, shower cap & someone else's sneakers.

Sixty-Five Years Later:  Vinyl Interactive sets new performance records,
wearing slightly more clothing.


Consider these facts:


Our customized technology, top-tier analytics, and dedication to quality allow us to provide individualized attention and innovative products that perform beyond what you're used to. Far, Far beyond.

How? See for yourself:


Half data science, half amazing: our team blends statistics, advanced algorithms, data visualization, and business acumen to find patterns and meaning within data. Optimizing at every step, we study behavior and gauge intent to customize user experience and deliver only the highest quality leads to our clients.


Our whiz developers build and maintain our custom platform that supports our clients, media partners, and the Vinyl team. We’ve spent nearly ten years perfecting our system, adding features that include: multivariate testing, custom lead bucketing and routing, demographic targeting, mobile support, real-time quality prediction, and automated ad selection.

QA & Compliance

When it comes to quality and compliance, we play by the rules. Our clients expect consistent, reliable leads and we work hard to deliver products that do exactly that: multi-point lead verification checks, real-time fraud detection and proprietary lead scoring models (to name a few.) Frankly – it’s a complicated topic, but the results are simple: quality, client-ready leads.

Were you aware that leads that perform well
come from services that perform better?

(You can quote us on that.)

Lead Generation

“Success breeds complacency?” Not us. We’re constantly innovating because we don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ lead-gen strategy. We’re a bit obsessive (maybe even compulsive) when it comes to lead quality and conversion – but that’s a big part of what makes Vinyl, well, Vinyl.

Call Center

What do a mother’s hug, handshakes and Oregon Trail on a floppy disk have in common? Sometimes an old-school human touch works better. Our call center proves that when you reach out and touch somebody, they respond: ensuring better leads, higher engagement and maybe even someone who can tell you how to avoid dying of dysentery.

Email Marketing

Email has been a core discipline at Vinyl from the very beginning. Whether it’s for our internal products or one of our many partners – our email leads have some of the best conversions and quality around. We’ve been able to improve those numbers with responsive emails that engage mobile and tablet users.

Social Marketing

Social media has become the most used platform on the internet.  Today, Vinyl Interactive has built meaningful relationships across all social media platforms marketing in real time.  We will help you connect with audiences across these ever growing networks.

Your mom said it.
Your Kindergarten Teacher screamed it.

Now We're Saying it:

Sharing is good.

Generating great leads does not take a village – it takes a whole army. That's why we are interested in anything that helps us make sure that our leads, products, and platforms perform for our clients.

Think you're a good match? Check out the section below that applies to you:

Data Sources

Want to do more with your user base? We can help. Because we manage our own call centers and email platform we can find the best way to optimize your users’ experience – and your bottom line.


Vinyl’s high conversions and established brands enable us to offer the best affiliate pricing around. Integration is simple – and we can customize all settings at the source level.


Do you have a sweet product or a great idea that will make our leads perform better? We’re interested in talking to you – We might even add you back on LinkedIn.

You might be asking yourself:

Who is Vinyl?

We are more than individual people, passions or products – we are the sum of all three, divided by zero and multiplied by the power of the web.

Vinyl isn't just a company named after a complex polymer – we are a company that’s named after a complex polymer used all over the freaking world (and beyond.)

How do we live up to our namesake?

We innovate beyond what our clients want, what our users need and what the web is today because that’s what it takes to call ourselves next-generation lead generation.


Vinyl interactive employs some of the brightest
minds in the business – if not the world. Check out what they say about Vinyl:

"I get to work with my friends – how great is that?"

– Gabe McClelland: Creative Manager

"The CEO knows my name – does yours?"

– Sandy Liu: Data Analyst

"Working at Vinyl makes me stoked to mash code."

– Michael Chopko: Front-End Developer

"Take it from a mom – Vinyl is a great place to work!"

– Vanessa Presa: Director of Media

All of our leaders come Pre-Fearless

(Click a name to read more)

Rob PoynterCo-Founder / ceo

Rob PoynterCo-Founder / ceo

Robert Poynter founded Vinyl Interactive in August of 2004 and has served as it's Chief Executive Officer ever since. With over 17 years of online marketing experience, Rob has worked in business development at both Adteractive and Quinstreet helping develop business strategy and media acquisition. Robert has worked with multiple startups in his career, as a board member, as well as leadership and funding roles. At Vinyl, he works in partnership with corporate strategy, business development, and media acquisition. Robert oversees operations in San Francisco as well as Vinyl’s offices in the Philippines, totaling over 150 people.


Nili Malach PoynterCo-Founder / General Counsel

Nili Malach PoynterCo-Founder / General Counsel

Nili brings more than 13 years of diverse business and legal experience to Vinyl, and has worked in performance-based advertising for over 11 years. Nili leads the company¹s finance, legal,and human resource departments. She earned her BA in Political Science and Psychology from Boston University, Boston, MA., as well as her Juris Doctorate and MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA.


Bernadette BroganDirector of Operations

Bernadette BroganDirector of Operations

Bernadette joined Vinyl Interactive as a marketing analyst in 2008. Over her years with Vinyl, Bernadette has become involved in many areas of Vinyl Interactive operations, including data analysis, product marketing and channel management. In 2015 Bernadette moved into the role of Director of Operations. Prior to joining Vinyl, Bernadette held a role with the education software company Edusoft, and as a data analyst and account manager with Computer Market Research in San Diego. Bernadette has two Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she studied Mathematics and Economics.


Bryan MarcelinoDirector of Creative Development

Bryan MarcelinoDirector of Creative Development

Bryan is an expert in the field with over 16 years of experience. He has worked as creative director with a record of success in planning and executing brand and digital strategies to achieve business goals. Thoughtful leader with superb communication skills. Friendly, patient and reliable with genuine desire to achieve great results. When he is not designing, Bryan supports his bay area Giants, Warriors and 49ers. Aside from sports, he has a passion for photography and takes advatage of the beautiful scenic views around the bay.


Jeff RoachDirector of Technology

Jeff RoachDirector of Technology

Jeff’s cucumber-cool demeanor and good looks are a huge part of what makes our development team successful. From overseeing database administration to administrating database oversights, he ensures that the tubes are kept free of excessive ones, zeroes and congressional missteps. He has a degree in computer science, which helps him with all that math crap.


Kevin MurphyAnalytics Manager

Kevin MurphyAnalytics Manager

Kevin is a lifelong data enthusiast with an extensive background in business. Kevin was an entrepreneur prior to joining Vinyl, founding two companies - one focused on online education and another on residential solar. In addition, he holds a Master's Degree from Northwestern University in Predictive Analytics.


Bryan SimsData Science Manager

Bryan SimsData Science Manager

Bryan joined Vinyl Interactive as a Data Scientist in 2012 and has worked on various analytical models across all channels and product funnels. In 2016, he was promoted to Data Science Manager, overseeing and implementing the strategic vision for Data Science that is vital to Vinyl's success. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Merced, where he specialized in numerical analysis and data mining. When Bryan is not data wrangling he enjoys biking throughout the Bay Area Peninsula.


Steve TaDirector of Business Strategy

Steve TaDirector of Business Strategy

When Steve isn’t climbing rocky cliffs, shredding the slopes, or balling it up on the streets of Oakland, he’s tackling a wide array of tough operational problems and developing growth strategies at Vinyl. Pre-Vinyl, he had stints at corporations like Experian and the Walt Disney Company. He’s also had a breadth of experiences working with various small to mid-sized technology companies as a M&A investment banking analyst at RBC Capital Markets. A lifelong Californian, he grew up in sunny San Diego. After graduating from Stanford University (with dual degrees in Economics and Psychology,) Steve now calls the Bay Area his second home.


Vanessa PresaDirector of Acquisition & Media

Vanessa presaDirector of Media

Since 2006, Vanessa has been a critical part of the media department at Vinyl Interactive. One husband, two sons and eight years later, she (amazingly enough) still shows up to work with a smile on her face. Armed with that smile, a degree in Marketing from San Francisco State University and over 11 years of media experience, it’s easy to see why she is the perfect woman for the difficult job of overseeing and growing the vital media relationships that support our clients, products and ultimately, Vinyl itself.



– Rob Poynter, Ceo & Co-Founder

At Vinyl Interactive, our unique work culture is a huge part of what makes us successful. We know that passionate talent comes from a workplace that fosters innovation, collaboration and honesty – which is why we work so hard to make sure our employees love their jobs! Check out some of what we offer:

Great medical, dental & vision coverage options

Yearly profit sharing bonuses, 401K Plan

Fully stocked kitchen

Aeron chairs, Apple laptops, Office Bikes & ample PTO

Frequent team happy hours and events

Company getaways (Cabo anyone?)

...and much, much more!

Jealous? Join Us.

Lick your lips and rub your hands together, It is a great time to work at Vinyl – and an even better time to apply – so what are you waiting for? Pick a department below to see and apply for open positions.


Data Analyst

Vinyl Interactive is a fast-growing, performance-based, online marketing company located in the Financial District of San Francisco, and we are looking to add a Product Manager to our team. If you are interested, please send a cover letter and resume.

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Operations, Sales & Media

No Current Job Postings

Think you’re a a great fit for this department? We’re busy working so we can hire someone like you
Send your cover letter and resume to jobs@vinylinteractive.com so we can reach you when we’re ready to hire again!


No Current Job Postings

Think you’re a a great fit for this department? We’re busy working so we can hire someone like you
Send your cover letter and resume to jobs@vinylinteractive.com so we can reach you when we’re ready to hire again!


No Current Job Postings

Think you’re a a great fit for this department? We’re busy working so we can hire someone like you
Send your cover letter and resume to jobs@vinylinteractive.com so we can reach you when we’re ready to hire again!

Marks the Spot.

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