Vinyl takes compliance issues very seriously and is proactive in taking extra steps in order to ensure that everything we do is above board and our clients are well protected from any type of regulatory scrutiny. Our team has also worked tirelessly to ensure that our web properties and call center are fully compliant with all federal and state regulations following our three pillars: (1) Transparency (2) Consumer Disclosure and (3) Consumer Intent

In-House Legal and Compliance

We have a dedicated internal compliance team maintains that all marketing and advertising materials meet or exceed the compliance guidelines set by regulators and the FCC.

External Counsel

Don't just take our word for it, we've retained the services of Venable LLP, named “Law Firm of the Year” for Advertising by U.S. News in 2011-2012 and 2014, to ensure we are consistently up to date on the regulatory landscape for lead generation programs, particularly in the education space and that all our products, advertisements and processes meet all regulatory and FCC guidelines.

Fraud Protection

Fraud prevention and verification: Vinyl has automated fraud detection as well as built in third party verification checks and filtering on our web properties. Vinyl also has manual traffic checks and spot checks in order to further ensure our lead funnel is in full compliance.

The Three Pillars


Vinyl has never allowed third party affiliates to generate leads for us. As a result, clients have full visibility on how their messaging is displayed and how their offers are presented to potential users.

Consumer Disclosure

We ensure that our offer pages clearly state that the user is signing up to receive information from a particular partner. Users can also opt out on any step and our disclosures are clearly displayed and legible.

Consumer Intent

Plain and simple we focus on bringing users to our websites who are interested and engaged. Users are never misguided or mislead.